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B2B Appointment Setting

It’s time you focused on meeting with qualified prospects that are in their buying cycle, not setting those appointments. Sky Methods is an appointment setting company that can set online or face-to-face sales meetings with key decision makers so your sales team can focus on closing sales and increasing revenue.

Appointment setting outsourcing has many benefits that you shouldn’t pass up:

  • Free up more time for sales calls and pipeline development
  • Enable stress-free calendar management for your sales team
  • Ensure your team is booking enough meetings to meet their quotas

Your key account executives and salespeople should not be cold-calling, but typical appointment setting firms simply do not provide the quality of service you expect. This is the fundamental reason you need Sky Methods: the appointment setting techniques of our team are second to none.

Business to business appointment setting can be a challenge, but not to us. Our experienced appointment setting associates know how to pick out perfect cold calling prospects and communicate with executives at the highest levels in virtually every industry. As experts in business appointment setting, they can easily identify sales opportunities and understand how to establish the need, budget, time frame, and decision-making authority that are vital to determining if a lead appointment setting is worth pursuing. You need not to worry about sales without cold calling, our team will do it for you!

Lead Generation

Reach your sales goals without increasing your staff or training costs.

Our lead generation and appointment setting services are designed to complement your core business initiatives. Whether you want to perform lead generation through telemarketing, or incorporate lead generation in appointment setting, we can deliver custom solutions that’s right for you!

Event Fulfillment

Boost attendance in seminars, webinars, and other corporate events.

We employ only professional callers to help you attract quality attendees and achieve results for your event. Apart from appointment setting, telemarketing is also part of our team’s skillset. Our expert event telemarketing services and highly skilled callers are sure to win you more attendees and convert many of them to customers.

Direct Sales

Reduce your risk and maximize ROI in every direct sales effort.

Sky Methods offers a variety of direct sales support, from helping you create tactical sales and marketing plans to providing dedicated sales professionals and proven solution selling techniques. When it comes to direct sales, we’ve got you covered!

Post Sales Services

Because of our team’s experience and expertise in appointment setting and lead generation, we are proficient in communicating with clients on a regular basis.

Helping you manage the influx of new business and new customer requirements is all part of our post sales effort. Past appointment generation, we strike the delicate balance between CRM applications, AI and the human touch and utilize both to deliver the best service possible.

Going Beyond Appointment Setting

Sky Methods is a driven team of professional sales executives with excellent appointment setting skills and proficient in the fields of telemarketing, lead generation, and post-sales support. Top that with the fact that our appointment setting services cost is incredibly affordable, as with every service that comes with it, and you get an experience that’s unlike any other.

Our executive team hails from the first ASP (first cloud company) with decades of experience in sales and marketing. Our vision is to utilize our professional and creative skills to augment your ever-changing business needs, especially utilizing our sales appointment setting services to better your business.

Our work is transparent. Our prices are affordable. Our team is here for you.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you discover new markets and expand your customer base!